The Review of Misery Mining

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The Misery Mining slot machine is yet another successful release from NoLimit City. There are up to 823,543 ways to win, a maximum RTP of 96.69%, a great deal of volatility, and many interesting additions to the game. Keep reading to learn more about them.

A demonstration of how I put Misery Mining to the test

When I was trying out the bonus functions of the Misery Mining online slot machine, I found the following to be the most important:

Design and layout: eerie visuals and tense music/sound effects

Extremely high volatility, moderate to high return to player percentage, and generous maximum payouts

Coin Wagons, Multipliers, Bag, Chest, Dwarf, Rat, Super Scatter, Bottom Collectors, Side Collectors, Scatter, Bonus, and xBomb Wild Multiplier are some of the features available in both the base game and the bonus rounds. The Best Buy Bonus for Playing Misery Mining

The following are some of the UK casinos where you may play Misery Mining:


Imaginary Las Vegas


Casino 21

The Casino at the Grand Ivy

Fantasy Vegas: £400 + 50 Free Spins

If you want to play the Misery Mining slot machine, I think Dream Vegas is a terrific spot to do it. This online gambling establishment has an extensive library of games and prompt, helpful service. If you deposit at least $20, you’ll receive a bonus worth 100% up to $4,000 plus 50 free spins as a welcome. While you may only use your spins on specific NetEnt games, you can use your free cash on anything.

Worry Symbols and Their Rewards

The Signs

There are three rows and three reels in the primary playing area of the Misery Mining slot machine. As you play, you’ll see that this increases to seven reels and seven rows. The old guy is the best paid icon, followed by the rat, the bottle of booze, the compass, and the pipe.

The lower value symbols in the Misery Mining slot machine are the letters and numbers A, K, Q, J, and 10. The S coin serves as the game’s scatter symbol. More on the free spins round and its associated bombs, bags, chests, and other symbols to come.


The online slot game Misery Mining has anywhere from 27 to 823,543 possible winning combinations. Aligning matching symbols across an active payline requires spinning the reels in a specific pattern, beginning at the far left. Paylines increase according to the size of the grid. All winnings from active paylines will be combined together.

Selectable betting limits and an automatic game mode

To play the Misery Mining slot machine, put up a bet between 0.20 and 100.00. The number of games you can spin automatically ranges from 10 to 1,000. Loss and win limitations can be selected from the available percentages or entered manually when configuring autoplay.


The average return to player for the Misery Mining slot machine is between 96.00% and 96.09%.

When the following additional conditions are met, the RTP will shift:

Payout for three of the “Misery” Scatter symbols: 96.41-96.67%

Purchasing the 4 Scatter Misery Free Spins feature: 96.61–96.72 percent

Five Scatters of Disappointment trigger the Free-Spins Bonus: 96.77% to 96.85%

Capabilities of the Lucky Draw: 96.62–96.69


The high volatility of the Misery Mining slot machine is well-earned.

Maximum success

If you play the maximum amount on the Misery Mining slot machine, you can win up to 70,000 times your initial wager. The game does not include a jackpot option.

The Misery Mining slot machine has a jackpot of 700,000 coins.

When you play the online slot machine Misery Mining, you’re in for a wild adventure. The unusual symbols and RTP percentages that have come to define NoLimit City remain unchanged. It starts off relatively low but rises as you unlock more features. Since the volatility is so great, the payouts are also substantial (up to 70,000x). Along with this, there are up to 823,543 ways to win thanks to the increasing grid size from 3×3 to 7×7.

In-Game Functions

The Worst Part About Mining Slots Is…

multiplier for wild x-bombs

In the online slot game Misery Mining, the xBomb Wild can stand in for any other symbol (with the exception of the Scatter and Super Scatter) to help form winning combinations. It explodes to wipe out any nearby symbols or obstructions. Whether or whether it’s part of a win, it still goes off.

Mine Giving Way

At the outset of the Misery Mining slot game, the center three squares of the grid are illuminated. When an xBomb explodes near a barrier, the barriers advance by one space.

Winning combinations, xBomb explosions on losing spins, and the presence of a single or double scatter on a losing spin can all result in additional collapses.

Free Turns on the Wheel of Disappointment

Misery Free Spins with a 33, 44, or 55 reel area are triggered by landing three scatters or one or two Super Scatters. You’ll have a choice between two game options before the round begins.

In Mouse Mode, you can play the online slot machine Misery Mining for free for a total of eight to twelve times. If there are fewer than two Super Scatters in play during the bonus round, you will receive two extra free games.

You’ll have three spins to begin Rat Mode, and that number will increase by one whenever a coin wagon or Super Scatter triggers.

The multipliers for each spin are displayed in the top row of the grid on the Misery Mining slot machine. When a scatter or Super Scatter lands on the reel beneath the enhancer (any symbol except the Rat), the feature is enabled.

Here’s a deeper look at the unique icons that appear during the Misery Free Spins bonus round:

Coin Wagons can multiply your bet by 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, or 100 times. When triggered, their worth is added to that of the adjacent side collectors, bringing the grand total up to date. This also affects the Scatter’s numerical value.

These multipliers could range from 2x to 5x. The multiplier is added to the Super Scatter and stays in effect for the rest of the Misery Free Games.

Bombs: These are dropped on the Scatter to activate it and unlock the adjacent eight spaces. It triggers the collectors in the side columns and the bottom row and detonates in any blocked spots in the reel area.

Bag: Accumulates values from nearby Scatters and open-sided collectors.

Treasure Chest: Accumulates values from Scatters on the reels and open-sided collectors within a three-reel radius.

Dwarf: This clings to the Scatter with the lowest trigger, preventing that Scatter from activating any boosters other than the currency wagons. It also accrues multipliers while anchored to a Super Scatter. For the present and remaining free spins, its task is to gather values from open side collectors within a distance of three reels.

Only reels 1 and 7 of the enhancers feature the rat. It lands with a downward motion, passing over the collectors on the same reel to add to its worth. It will continue to move until it reaches the bottom or an unopened collector.

Super Scatters may be found on Reels 2 and 6 of the Bonus Wheels. This locates a spot on the reels at random and adds two more spins if you’re using Mouse mode. The Rat mode starts the spin counter over at 3.

The Bomb or the Rat can set off the Side Collectors. When turned on, these functionalities communicate with one another. At rest, it has no effect on anything except Coin Wagons. If you turn it on, its worth will rise with every spin.

Bombs, or Rats on Reels 1 and 7, trigger the Bottom Collectors. At the conclusion of each spin, these icons amass the total values held by Scatters and Side Collectors. When this feature is turned on, the value will be added to your winnings after each spin.

Paid Extra for Bonus Item

By selecting the star button, you can buy access to the bonus game in the Misery Mining slot machine. There are four potential outcomes:

Three Scatters trigger 66x your wager and the Misery Free Spins bonus.

Free games of misery with a 250x multiplier for three scatters.

A thousand times your wager for three scatters and two multipliers in the Misery Free Spins bonus.

Win 439 times your bet with a Lucky Draw (any of the above).

Explore the depths of the mines for free with the Misery Mining slot machine.

The elements of the Misery Mining online slot game have been severely altered by NoLimit City. Wilds, multipliers, and expanding grids (xBombs) are all standard features. There’s so much going on in the Misery Free Spins bonus round that it’s difficult to explain without actually playing it. Once you understand how it works, though, it’s not hard at all. You’ll be eligible for cash prizes, multipliers, and more. In my opinion, this is what sets the Misery Mining slot machine apart from the competition.

The Misery Mining slot machine, if you dare to enter it

The graphics and sound in the online slot game Misery Mining are appropriately grim. The mine’s interior serves as the backdrop for the grid, which was built to complement the symbols’ eerie aesthetic. The score is suitably tense and ominous for a NoLimit City game, as is the case here. I found the sights and sound effects of the Misery Mining slot machine to be really realistic.

Possible answers to problems encountered while playing

If an interruption occurs during a round, simply restart the game to continue from where you left off. If you would prefer not watch the replay, the winnings will be added to your account.

If the game’s replay function isn’t working for you, please contact the site’s support staff.

All wagers and payouts on games where a fault occurred will be returned in full if the gaming hardware or software failed to properly process them.


Misery Mining is an online slot that incorporates the interactive aspects for which NoLimit City is known, and is therefore recommended if you enjoy scary games or just like to play around. There are 27–823,543 possible combinations in the game, and the return to player percentage (RTP) varies from 96.00% to 96.69%. Collapsing mines, xBomb Wilds, and the Misery Free Spins bonus round are just a few of the special features available in this game.

Play the slot machine dubbed “Misery Mining” to see for yourself.

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