Review of the CherryPop Online Slot Game

The CherryPop online slot was created by Yggdrasil in collaboration with partner firm AvatarUX. It makes use of classic gaming icons such as grapes, watermelons, oranges, bells, and fortunate clovers. Smaller winnings are awarded by playing card symbols with a silver-effect, and the reels are encircled by pink neon. The background is a basic blue and purple, and the game is placed against this.

It is a game where you may win in either direction, meaning that winning combinations can begin on either the left or the right side of the screen. This gives you a total of 486 distinct ways to line up matching symbols. The PopWins system is the ingenious component of the pg สล็อต game. It eliminates any symbols that are part of a win and substitutes them with two random symbols, stacked one on top of the other. This causes the reels to expand and provides you with more possibilities to win, with PopWins continuing until there are no new possible combo combinations or the reels have reached their maximum height.

If all of the reels reach six rows high, you will be awarded a bonus round of free spins, during which your winnings will be subject to an increasing multiplier. Here, the reels may extend to include 9 rows, and when that happens, the multipliers climb even more quickly.

You may earn up to 56,386 times your total stake if you have the perfect combination of symbols, multipliers, and the number of chances to win, which is a far bigger payout than the majority of slot machines are able to provide.

How to Play the Slot Machine Called CherryPop

The bets range from 0.20 to 20.00 each spin, which is a bit smaller than many of the games at the online casinos that we suggest, but you have to take into mind the enormous possible multipliers. You may access the different betting settings by clicking the black panel that is located below the spin button. Additionally, you can engage the autoplay mode by clicking the double arrows.

When you press the ‘I’ button, the game will take you to the paytable, where you can see how much money you may earn for certain symbols. When playing the main game, a diamond will provide the highest payout, which is equal to 8 times the wager. However, when playing the free spins bonus round, a cherry symbol will emerge, and this will award 15 times the stake if it covers all five reels.

You may start the free spins straight away by placing a Bonus Bet equal to 75 times your original wager. Although this is a pricey choice, the free games round is where you have the best chance of winning the most money.

Even gamers with no prior expertise may start spinning the reels of this game in a matter of seconds on a mobile device or personal computer because of how simple the setup process is.

CherryPop offers a variety of bonuses, including free spins.

When you rack up a sufficient number of wins in a row, all five reels will extend from their default configuration of three rows to a maximum of six rows. In the event that the PopWins feature is unable to generate a winning combination with the newly added symbols, the reels will reset to their standard height of three rows.

As soon as you reach six rows, you will be awarded five free spins; however, you will have the opportunity to risk for further spins by activating a bonus wheel. Turning the reel once will provide you with 8 bonus games, while turning it twice will grant you with 12 more turns. The total number of games is increased by four whenever the wheel has a golden segment. If you lose the wager, you will not get any free spins and you will return to the basic games.

After the start of the free games, any victories in a row of PopWins will increase the payouts by a factor of one. This ascending multiplier begins at 2x, and there is no limit on how high it may go. If you are able to unlock all nine rows during the free games, you will get a threefold multiplier on each subsequent win, which will result in the most prize money that can be won from the CherryPop slots game.

Wins, Return to Player Rate, and Volatility for the CherryPop Slot

The CherryPop slot machine boasts one of the most generous win multipliers available, with the possibility of winning up to 56,386 times the amount of your entire bet. That comes to a total of 1,127,720.00 if the triggering bet is twenty dollars. The long-term payback percentage for this slot machine, which has a high level of volatility, is 96.2 percent.

Our evaluation of the CherryPop slot machine

Despite the unremarkable aesthetics, many players will like the game since it uses symbols that are more recognizable to them. The incredible PopWins feature, which creates more rows and winning ways on each victory, is what makes this game so fascinating. If you want to win more, play this game.

Keep in mind that it’s a very unpredictable slot machine, and adjust your bets appropriately. You’ll be able to play CherryPop and other games in the PopWins collection, such the PopRocks slot machine with its fantastical theme, at the finest online casinos, which are also where you’ll discover the greatest casino bonuses.

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