Overview of the Slot Game “Knights of Fortune”

Spearhead, a Costa del Sol-based game developer, has released a medieval-themed slot called Knights of Fortune, in which players don armor in search of financial reward. To win, players must collect specific winning tiles, wilds, or unique golden symbols, much like the noble knights of yore. If slots with a focus on a collecting system aren’t your thing, then you probably won’t enjoy Knights of Fortune. But if you’re willing to put in some work for the sake of fame, then read on, chivalrous knights and ladies.

The game’s 5×3 grid features 243 possible winning combinations, and the setting is a pleasant medieval village with a cobblestone street and daisies. Spearhead Studios has created a very lovely setting to test your mettle against the greatest in the realm, with none of the dirt and sickness frequently associated with that age.

With a return value of 96.2%, Knights of Fortune is a highly volatile medieval adventure playable from 50 p/c to £/€100 each spin. Games that need a certain number of collected symbols before awarding free spins typically don’t apply the full RTP until the cycle has finished. If you’re considering quitting the game early, this is something to ponder about, even if Spearhead doesn’t say whether or not this is the case in Knights of Fortune.

You must first knock your opponent off his feet and then kill them with your bare hands to claim victory. That’s jousting, I see. In Knights of Fortune, a winning combination consists of three or more identical symbols appearing in a row, from left to right, beginning with the first reel. Then, a cascade mechanism causes additional symbols to fall into the empty spaces left by the victorious ones, completing the grid. As long as the same symbols keep appearing, you may win again and again.

Low-paying metallic 9-A royal symbols kick off the paytable, while high-paying gauntlet, axe, green knight, and blue knight symbols follow. There is a range of 3x to 4x your wager for a full set of five premium symbols. The sword and shield wild symbol can appear anywhere on the board and substitute for any other symbol. When five of a kind of Wilds appear, you win 20 times your wager.

Featured Slot Games: Knights of Fortune

The three collectible emblems in Knights of Fortune are sure to please any collector’s heart.

The wild is the first collectible symbol; it is kept whenever it appears, regardless of whether or not it is part of a winning combination. There are 5 points on the crazy meter, and it all begins at 0. The meter grows by 1 up to a maximum of 80 every time all 5 segments are used.

A multiplier meter with 5 segments beginning at x1 comes up next. In the regular game, one section is filled for each blue or green knight symbol in a winning combination. The meter goes up by one for every five parts that are completed. There is no cap on the total amount of multipliers you may gather, but this meter is the most challenging to fill.

Behind any low-paying symbol in the base game, a rare golden shield can appear at random. When these appear, they add to the number of spins awarded for free. After collecting 40 golden symbols, the free spins meter will fill to a maximum of 8, triggering 8 bonus spins. All wins are multiplied by the current multiplier, and more wilds are added to the reels at random intervals from the wild meter. There is no way to get more free spins, and the bonus does not count toward any of the meters while it is active. All three meters are reset when the free spins round ends.

“Nobility among knights is not something that can be purchased; it must be earned,” the game’s description says. However, this isn’t strictly true if bonus buy features are legal in your country. In Knights of Fortune, a 100x stake triggers 8 free games with 13 or 14 extra wilds and a 3x multiplier on all wins. The bonus may be purchased to increase the RTP to 96.4%.

Slot Review: Knights of the Round

The fun factor of Knights of Fortune depends on how you feel about collection-based slot machines. If you’re not into them, then you probably shouldn’t play Knights of Fortune because it’s built entirely on them. But those who are greedy and want to keep all they can should be delighted with the three symbols they can get.

The method is not without its drawbacks. A benefit is that you can monitor your progress toward free spins and calculate, at least approximately, how much longer you have to wait. On the other hand, you may assume that the bonus round won’t activate by itself on the following spin. There’s more structure and less chaos than in the typical anything-goes format. The tension arises when, in the meantime, a sizable quantity of wilds and multipliers accumulates.

In Knights of Fortune, the biggest chances of winning are during the game’s free spins feature, but you shouldn’t enter that mode without a good multiplier already in play. It’s a precarious balancing act, and there are more turns to go before you’ll know if your patience paid off. It didn’t take an excessive length of time to get to the free spins, but leaving before they ended might reduce your payout.

Winning the collection and the subsequent bonus round can result in a payment of up to 15,811 times the initial wager. At the time of the review, at least, the feature purchase was a decent deal if compared to gaining free spins in any other way. It’s a shame, though, that it’s not as advanced as White Rabbit, where you can recycle your old materials to save money.

As was previously said, your attitude toward collecting tokens to activate bonus games is crucial. If you don’t mind missing out on a few things here and there, Knights of Fortune can be the ultimate game for you.

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