Bingo with a wink

Review of Wink Bingo

We’re not quite sure what kind of clandestine, nudge-nudge, wink-wink schemes the makers of this specific casino website are up to, and we’re not sure what we’re expected to be a part of them. Rest assured, however, that this is about as complicated as it gets.

The persons in charge of creating this specific online gambling location have certainly done their research on the art of minimalism, since that is precisely what is occurring on the homepage. Consequently, although there is lots of color and some eye-catching visuals, when compared to many other comparable websites, this is about as straight to the point as you can go.

Once the landing page has fully loaded, there will be no mistaking the fact that there will be a number of offers associated with membership. There is a large banner advertising for a special deal that is intended to attract new subscribers that takes up much of the screen real estate. This is behind it, and it has a wonderful glossy image of lots and lots of bingo balls, all various colours, bouncing about, and that’s pretty much the whole scene.

However, if you continue to scroll down, things get much more intriguing. First and foremost, there are the real-time countdown boxes that display games in which you might potentially participate that are now taking place, as well as the fee to participate. In addition, it instills a sense of urgency in the experience, since if you miss out on these games, you will very literally lose out on those specific games for the rest of your life.

Continue on, and it will become clear that there is much more to Wink Bingo than meets the eye at first glance. For example, there is an entire section devoted to slots, not to mention a part simply named The Wink Experience, which provides the uncommon opportunity to transfer this online experience into the real world; nevertheless, we may and will discuss such topics further down the road. To recap this introduction, this is a really simple to use and well laid out online casino that deserves to be known as a household brand in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Bring out the big guns.

The entire “less is more” philosophy doesn’t really carry over to the selection of games, which is disappointing. Bingo alone is a substantial offering, and it includes a range of various variations on the traditional game that we all like.

90 Ball, 75 Ball, VIP-only games, free-to-play cards, and the aptly-named BIG Jackpots are all available on the menu, each of which offers you a different method to win and enjoy yourself while playing. In the bingo menu area, you’ll notice a series of thumbnails that you can click through to examine the current bingo games, the possible rewards they may give, and the price it costs to participate in a game. This, like the site itself, encourages participation while also infusing the page with a sense of urgency and excitement to boot.

Each of the numerous games has been given a name that is either funny or tongue-in-cheek in nature. Naughty Numbers, Stack Up, Funny Bunny, The Hangout, Tutti Frutti, and Spare Pennies are just a few examples of games that might be included on this list, which could go on for a long time. For those searching for a more formal gambling experience, the whole atmosphere is quite laidback and casual. However, people seeking a more formal gambling experience would not have naturally gone to a website that is largely focused on bingo for their entertainment.

a plethora of slots

Wink Bingo takes its alternatives to bingo very seriously, and to say that they are taken lightly would be an understatement. This casino has one of the largest and greatest portfolios of online slots we have ever seen, with an amazing 500 different titles to choose from.

We really enjoyed the Guns ‘n Roses-themed game, and we believe you will as well, regardless of your feelings towards their albums after Use Your Illusion Part II (released simultaneously with Part I, and the last of their incredible first four). Also quite amusing, Ultimate Universe required more brains than wasted evenings with groupies following stadium rock concerts. But, of course, this is something that should go without saying.

Going Once, Going Twice, and Going Three Times

In line with what you would expect from a renowned gaming company, Wink Bingo offers a variety of exciting promotions throughout the year. Some people do it on a daily basis.

Those who sign up for the website will earn a 370 percent deposit bonus on their first bet, which is an unusual amount for the business to choose. However, receiving £47 for spending just £10 is a wonderful deal by any measure. As an example, consider a Grand Jackpot of £37,000 on New Year’s Day 2017, sometimes known as the “ultimate hangover cure” and an amount large enough to make you forget about everything you said the night before.

There are other more active specials to take advantage of as well. The Newbies Space, which is a room devoted to new members, gives a possible £900 incentive to new members. TGI Payday gives you the chance to win £3,000 at the end of each month, which can significantly increase your take-home pay. 8 Days a Week refers to the daily promotions that take place, and TGI Payday gives you the chance to win £3,000 at the end of each month, which can significantly increase your take-home pay. Things like these have a significant impact not just on new members joining up, but also on existing accounts being active for a longer period of time, and these are some quite outstanding options.

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